What is the impact of artificial intelligence on IT management?

Qual o impacto da inteligência artificial na gestão de TI?

Business and digital technologies are increasing the volume, speed and variety of data, making the IT manager’s job increasingly complex. IT operations suffer from excessive noise as there are many events and many processes simultaneously. In addition to this problem, the growing use of technologies by the business exposes sensitive data to possible computer attacks, compromising the confidentiality of information. In this highly complex and unpredictable scenario, there is an urgent need to find solutions capable of handling all this. Artificial intelligence in IT management – AIOPS – aims to use complex infrastructure management tools and monitoring Cloud solutions to automate the analysis of data and routine DevOps operations. It is expected that artificial intelligence will be increasingly used in the area of ​​information technologies. But what will be its impact? That’s what we’ll find in today’s article!

Analysis of the cause of the problems

AIOps solutions help IT teams to quickly understand the cause of a problem affecting a particular service or set of services and to contextualize relevant information so that the most appropriate fix can be performed.

Algorithm reduction and correlation

AIOPS eliminates redundant alerts and automatically correlates related alerts, in order to improve the detection of critical problems and speed up the respective resolution.

Problem prevention through intelligent alerts

AIOps solutions can generate alerts based on abnormal scenario values ​​(anomaly detection). The algorithms learn from tool data and identify events that do not conform to a previously established standard.

Intelligent automation

Through the intelligent insights generated, AIOps solutions trigger processes in the automation and collaboration tools in order to provide faster correction of problems.

Predictive capacity identification

AIOps solutions prevent (or at least greatly decrease) service interruptions and reduce waste by discovering the underutilized capacity in hybrid infrastructures.

Agility between data center teams and groups

AIOps provides each functional IT group with relevant data and perspectives, as it has the ability to learn which analytical data to show to each group.


IT PEERS is the first Portuguese company to invest in this new form of IT management that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to integrate, continuously improve and automate processes. It has a key role in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of IT teams that have to be able to deal with increasingly complex and demanding scenarios.

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