“IT operations are challenged by the rapid growth in the volumes of data generated by IT infrastructures and applications which must be captured, analyzed and used,” says Padraig Byrne, senior analyst at Gartner.
In order to more quickly identify and resolve IT-related problems, companies are turning to the use of Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps).

AIOps is characterized by the application of Machine Learning (ML) across all domains of Information Technologies. In this article, we present some of the real benefits obtained with this innovative solution:


The crossing of Big Data with Machine Learning allows to effectively assess the root causes of problems and automate actions for resolution or prevention.

Complex data management

This technology allows to handle a volume of data and events that are otherwise humanly impossible to analyze.

Reduction and correlation algorithms

Given the very high amount of data generated by the infrastructures, AIOps eliminates redundant or non-relevant data, filtering only the interesting events for analysis. On the other hand, its ability to correlate data allows it to detect more quickly and even anticipate the occurrence of critical problems.

More effective interventions

The superior ability to identify root causes enhanced by AIOps, dramatically increases the effectiveness of IT teams that have to solve problems, while also avoiding errors due to incorrect diagnosis.

Better prioritization of problems

Artificial Intelligence directs the attention of IT teams to critical tasks and increases their effectiveness in IT management.

Visibility over the entire IT environment

With AIOps technology you will have total control over all areas of IT, as no data is too much or remains unprocessed due to its superior analysis capacity.

Agility and collaboration between teams

Through the inherent learning capacity, AIOps provides only the relevant data for each team. On the other hand, it can trigger targeted workflows that quickly mobilize teams to collaborate in solving complex problems.

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