Os grandes benefícios do AIOPS na gestão de TI

The Great Benefits of AIOPS in IT Management

(Português) surge o termo AIOPS: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. Esta nova forma de gestão de TI permite um afastamento da gestão isolada de operações e fornece insights inteligentes que promovem a automatização e a colaboração para proporcionar uma melhoria contínua. No artigo de hoje, abordamos os grandes benefícios do AIOPS na gestão de TI.

Como é que a inteligência artificial pode ajudar o meu negócio?

How can artificial intelligence help my business?

Artificial intelligence is the ability that machines have to think like humans. It defines their ability to learn, reason and decide autonomously and intelligently. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a recent concept. It first emerged in 1956 by John McCarthy, a university professor who used the term to describe a distant world in which machines would be able to solve all problems that until then were solved exclusively by humans. However, this has been one of the most debated topics of the moment, as companies have begun to gain awareness about the numerous benefits that this concept can have in their business. In today’s article, let’s understand how artificial intelligence can help business!

O que é RPA e como posso aplicá-lo na minha empresa?

What is RPA and how can I apply it in my company?

Competitiveness in the business world is increasing and companies need to be fast and efficient so they can stay well-positioned against the competition. Process automation is an increasingly used way to increase productivity. RPA therefore becomes an indispensable tool in several sectors. RPA is a set of tools that allow you to automate everyday tasks. RPA mimics the activity of a human being in performing a task within a process and who can perform repetitive tasks more quickly, accurately and relentlessly, freeing humans to perform other tasks that require human capabilities such as intelligence emotional, reasoning, and complex interaction with clients or suppliers. Let’s see in today’s article how it is possible to apply the RPA in companies!

As principais utilizações de AIOPS nas empresas

The main uses of AIOPS in companies

AIOps adds value to organizations. In the future, it will play a very important role in increasing the efficiency of IT teams and will facilitate the adoption of next-generation complex technologies that traditional solutions are unable to cope with. Digital transformation requires AIOps because with this new concept, IT teams can automatically analyze large volumes of digital data and solve difficult problems faster. But what are the main areas in which AIOPS will have an impact?

Como é que a inteligência artificial pode melhorar os resultados da sua empresa?

How can artificial intelligence improve your company’s performance?

(Português) A inteligência artificial está cada vez mais presente nas nossas vidas e o seu objetivo é tornar o nosso dia-a-dia mais fácil, através da redução do tempo a executar determinadas tarefas, aumentando a nossa produtividade. A inteligência artificial está a mudar a forma de se fazer negócios e já há imensas aplicações de AI na indústria, no retalho, na saúde, entre outras áreas. No artigo de hoje, vamos perceber como é que a inteligência artificial pode melhorar os resultados da sua empresa.